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Build Your Own Custom License Plate Tag
Our Part Number: 7-TT
Product Image
The tags above are only samples... There are OVER 10,000 color and font combinations possible when you build your own.
New Product!

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A personalized auto tag will look great on your car! Traffic Talk makes it easy to "Build Your Own" plate through our easy step process.

These durable, fiberglass reinforced plastic plates can be configured into more than 10,000 possibilities. You'll start by choosing a type of plate and a background color. Next you'll choose the color for the font, and the font face. Finally, you'll enter your wording, and the plate description will be added to your online shopping cart. It's that easy!

Customize ANY wording, 28 background and font colors, 9 font faces, and more.

Need some help expressing yourself? Visit our Idea Factory for hundreds of creative messages that you can use to personalize your license plate.

Customize with...
  - Any Wording or Saying
  - 28 Background Colors
  - 28 Font Colors
  - Several Font Choices
  - Mounting Orientation

Here are just a few examples.

This exclusive Traffic Talk Designer License Plate/Tag is easy to customize! Click the "Build Yours Now" button above and our simple step-by-step process will assist you in customizing your own.

Product Details...
License Plate TypeChoose from...
    Standard Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
    Oval Shaped Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
PersonalizationUp to Four Lines of Optional Text
Mounting Holes4 Holes


*Exact duplicates only
Pay Only
1$14.95 each
2$13.95 each
3 - 24$12.95 each
25+$9.95 each

Product Image
Shield, Flat, Clear Acrylic

Product Image
Fasteners, Standard Steel

Product Image
Screw Caps, Chrome

Product Image
Universal Mounting Plate
$5.95 or Less

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